I would first like to express my sincere appreciation for your kind patronage and support of The Global Ltd. and its group companies.The Group’s beginnings lie in the sales agency business for owner-occupied condominiums.

Taking advantage of our strengths in the integration of construction and sales, we have developed our own brand of condominium buildings called the “WILLROSE.”

We have also placed much effort into the development of detached homes, and our business strategy is now centered on these two main businesses.

All subsidiaries pursue the improvement of their own corporate value. To achieve this, these companies strive to create new customers. To do so, they must also satisfy their existing customers. If we do not satisfy our existing customers, there can be no creation of new customers.

We will continue to offer products that suit the needs of the times as well as detailed services, while also pursuing excellence in after-sales service. We aim to raise our customers’ satisfaction even further, in our goal to become the number-one company for true customer satisfaction.

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