Holding Company Structure

Value That Only We Can Create, Using Our Collective Strengths

A total real estate developer, The Global Ltd. Group handles everything from land acquisition to planning, development, sales and building management within the one group. With our two main business streams of condominiums and detached houses, we strive to offer products that will give our clients satisfaction, and to constantly raise the standard of our services. The home is the stage on which we act out our lives, where people are born and where love is nurtured. To help our clients to turn their dreams into a reality and to offer homes that have value - that is our job and our social responsibility, one in which we engage seriously with the full collective strengths of our entire group, as we seek to win our clients’ satisfaction.

Holding Company Structure Offers Greater Specialization and Enhances Group Synergy

The Global Ltd. Group is composed of four main operational subsidiaries, which engage in the businesses of sales agency, condominium, building management, and detached houses. Through this holding company structure, as well as offering a high degree of specialization, we strive to create synergy within the group.

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